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My photos tell stories. Not just any story. . .
Your story. 

 And my specialty? Love stories! Charlotte engagements, anniversaries, elopements and weddings are 100% my jam. As a Charlotte Wedding and Elopement Photographer, I don't just offer posing guidance during our time together. I give you fun prompts (think lots of nuzzling, tipsy walking, and piggy back rides) that draw out raw connection and silly moments that make it memorable.  No "Sit and smile pretty for the camera."  Well, maybe just a little...
The end goal is to capture a bit of your soul and have fun doing it so that there are good times attached to those epic images. Genuine belly laughs and maybe even a few tears are what I aim for as I adventure to get to know you better. Let's capture your story and make art, so you can share it with those you love and pass it down for years to come. 

If you love all the little details, the smell of brewing coffee any time of day (or even just those coffeeshop vibes), turning the pages of a  book while holed up in a cabin somewhere, and know that life is all about taking some time for friends and family and enjoying the gorgeous views... 

If you love to hear all about someone's love story and how they met, or don't  even bother hiding your joy when you see old people holding hands. If you aren't bothered by people who get OVERLY  excited by simple moments during photo sessions and weddings (who me??). 

If your spirit lives in the mountains or the desert and nothing makes you smile more than good company, a glass of wine or craft beer, a spontaneous adventure, and sharing  your hometown's best kept secrets with the ones you love most...

If you like to take it all in and really enjoy and make the most of any given moment, and any of this sounds like you, then I think we would get along just fine, friend! 

Hi! I'm Christina!

Award- winning and Published Charlotte Wedding Photographer

Voted one of Gaston County's Best Photographers

Charlotte, NC and INTERNATIONAL Photography Contest Finalist

Photo As Featured on Little Things & WBTV's The Good News w/ Kristen Hampton 

- The Shaddens

Christina is wonderful! She has vision and is so passionate yet also open to suggestions. She did an absolutely amazing job with our photos and made the day fun!! They will truly be treasured forever! 

- Bree Cook

Christina takes time with her clients and captures real moments. She's amazing and has such a good eye for photography!

- The Arndts

My fiancé & I absolutely loved working with Christina, she is the sweetest & definitely knows how to make a couple SO comfortable for a session!! Cannot WAIT until our wedding because we know she will do an amazing job!

Love Notes from my Clients ...

Give me ALL the details! Tell me about you and everything you are looking for.  Couples,  you can tell me little things like how you met, all the romantic proposal details, and exactly what you envision for your wedding day.  

Thank you!

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